3D printer for Technology

A big thank you to the fund raising that FONFA has done. They have recently purchased a 3D printer (pictured right) for the school and they are working on their next project which is to raise enough funds to pay for transportation for students taking part in the Mary Rose Project at the Royal Albert Hall. We really appreciate their support. 

3 d printer

The Principal's garden, has been completely transformed to make a beautiful calm place for students to enjoy. We are really grateful for the time to landscape this area which included clearing the overgrowth, removing unsafe paths and digging new begs as well as planting all the new shrubs and flowering plants.  1st September 2105

Fonfa in the garden
Yr 11 Student Tom and Mr Flood working hard in the newly restored Principal's garden

New benches and seating have also been provided for use by all. 
benches fonfa

Computing Club

The devices were bought for the group by FONFA.

The Raspberry Pi is a computer the size of a deck of playing cards.

The group will be using the devices to learn about programming and how computers work.

The after school Computing club is very excited to have received five brand new Raspberry Pi's.

Raspberry Pi

Pictured above at the front from left to right; Angus, Archie, Jess. At the back from left to right; Izaak, Adam, Stephen, from years 9 and 10.
The Pi are now being used in the Spring term for the yr 11 computing gcse investigation of Linux (open source operating systems). The computer club are getting ready to work with Blackfield Junior school in Feb on the eagerly awaited BBC Micro which are due in January 2016. 

Celebrations for the newly opened Garden 2015
Fonfa in the garden
Fonfa Fund raising events and supporting the Academy:
Friends of New Forest Academy have been very busy this year around the community. 

On Saturday 25th June  F.O.N.F.A held there famous Tombola and book stall at the Armed Forces Day event at Gangwarily.

Over the past few weeks they have been preparing the prizes and sorting out the many books that have been kindly donated to us.

The very successful day despite the heavy rain, raised £378.60 for the school, but most of all a fantastic sense of achievement, teamwork and true grit. (also trench foot and lots of sodden clothes, as well as a mass of very wet dog towels that we used to try and keep us and our prizes dry!!) 
Well done everyone and pat yourselves on your wet backs we showed such a united community spirit.

FonFa have raised enough money to buy the following for the school:
  • 5 lovely 6 seater round benches for the hard stand between the Butler Block and Technology for use by students at break, 
  • Batteries for Computing at KS3. 
  • Money towards a new keyboard for Music, 
  • New School Kit for the girls' Netball/Hockey team. 
  • Also cameras for iMedia KS4
  • Equipment for the Photography 'dark room' - 
Wow that's fantastic, thank you. 

Tombola and 2nd hand books for sale to raise more funds. At Gang Warily June 25th - 26th all day. 

These two photos were when Fonfa ran a stall at the Blackfield Baptist Church at the May Fayre, selling books and games. Fonfa fund raising Summer 2016
We sold the books for 20p, any games for 50p and we raised £49.50.  Oh and also sold some of the school bags too.
So many people chatted to us praising the school.  The organisers informed us that we were the busiest stall there.

Fonfa busy also at the Strawberry fields car boot sale. We had 5 tables and still things in boxes and on sheets to offer for sale. We raised over £90 for the School and again people were talking to us about the School.

The below photo is yep a water butt for the Principals garden, so that Students will be able to water the plants and care for the beautiful plants installed by Fonfa also. 
Water butt

Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat - refreshments
The ever enthusiastic and helpful team of parents and supporter of the Academy really excelled themselves with a fantastic range of events to enhance the musical evening in December. Selling refreshments at 'Joseph' were a committed team of parents who had made, obtained and created a super range of snacks, sweets, drinks as well as fund raising activities for the 3 evenings. Thank you. 
Selling refreshments at 'Joseph'

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