Learning & Teaching

We have reviewed the 2017/18 learning opportunities at all Key Stages in line with the government’s curriculum review. At Key Stage 3, students study core subjects (English, Mathematics, Science and IT) for 40% of the academy week. This rises to 48% in Key Stage 4. A full range of options are available in Key Stage 4 including GCSEs and BTECs.

Academic Life

Our recent Ofsted inspection confirmed that our students enjoy coming to school which contributes to the calm learning atmosphere you will find around the site

Our aim is to enable our students to leave New Forest Academy appropriately qualified and as mature, caring members of society.

We have introduced greater flexibility into our curriculum pathways to enable students to follow courses that match their ability in subject areas.   This has had a positive impact on students’ achievement.

Our curriculum at Key Stage 3 fulfills National Curriculum requirements and provides all students with a broad education leading to greater focus at Key Stage 4.   During Years 10 and 11, students choose from a wide variety of option subjects (both GCSE and BTEC).   We provide a high quality Information, Advice and Guidance service through U-Explore.   All potential curriculum and career pathways are considered for each student.   Our aim is to ensure that all students during  their educational life can make fully informed choices about the next Key Stage.   

We believe that choice, flexibility and progression are key elements of our curriculum offer as we support, challenge and inspire our students to achieve their potential.