A broad, balanced, varied Curriculum

Please see details of our 2017/18 curriculum offer for key stage 3 and key stage 4

Homework Timetables:  Year 7   Year 8   Year 9   Year 10   Year 11


At New Forest Academy we believe that a curriculum is not just the timetable that students receive but the way in which we want our learners to flourish. We believe there are key ingredients for success to be embedded into our broad, balanced and varied curriculum. These are: Challenge; Curiosity; Reflection; Thinking; Growth Mindset and Learning. These key attributes are shared with students and parents through our ‘Learning Wheel’.

Students also follow a comprehensive Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare (PDBW) programme. This is new for 2017-18 and students use 100 minutes across the week effectively, following a bespoke age-related programme to educate themselves on wide range of global issues and risks.  This takes place every morning during the tutor period, following a range of themes and topics on a local and global level.  Whole school assemblies are held weekly and often presented by professionals and visitor specialists.  Retrospectively, students embed their learning in a variety of means to consolidate their learning of the weekly topic.  This is achieved through the use of videos, discussions and other interactive materials and resources.  The objective of the programme is to allow students to make informed decisions in society, understanding the risks that they pose, whilst developing skills and attributes to be successful learners.

Key Stage 3

Consistent with the requirements of the National Curriculum students in Year 7, 8 and 9 study:

English; Mathematics; Science; French; Geography; History; Beliefs, Ethics and Values; Physical Education; Art; Technology; Drama; Music and Computer Studies.

Key Stage 4

During Key Stage 4, students will continue to study subjects required by the National Curriculum, but will be guided by a choice of three separate pathways. These Learning Pathways enable students to follow the most suitable route for their own individual needs. The GCSE courses currently offered are:

  • English

  • English Literature

  • Mathematics

  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and combined)

Students are able to choose from the following list of subjects:

French Art             BTEC Health and Social Care

Geography Photography     Catering

History iMedia     Engineering

Computer Science BTEC Sport

Through both Key Stages specialist support is given to students with learning difficulties.

Behaviour for Learning

Discipline with Dignity

  • We show respect to each other and the environment.
  • We have expectations of good behaviour.
  • There will be a consequence if we do not keep to expectations.
  • We are all treated fairly – which may not be equally.


We look after ourselves:

  • Arrive on time and leave the room promptly at the end of the lesson and only with the teacher’s permission.
  • Wear the correct uniform tidily.
  • Bring the right equipment to lessons and exams.


We look after our environment:

  • Remember, no eating, chewing gum or drinking in class – except for a small bottle of water.
  • Respect the Academy’s and other people’s property and put all litter in a bin.
  • Put litter in the bin.


We look after each other:

  • Behave sensibly, safely and in a non-aggressive way at all times.  We keep our hands, feet, objects and “put-downs” to ourselves.
  • We use appropriate language and tone of voice to everyone.
  • We follow instructions.
  • We listen attentively and respond positively when someone is speaking to us.