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National Citizen Service summer 2019 for year 11 students 

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Exams and Revision information

Information for candidates from the exam board and also resources for students revising for their exams can be found on the student / exam page.

Careers Information

Please see the pages under Learning & Teaching 

Year 9 option choices Please click here for Advice on Career Planning

Healthy Eating

New Forest Academy prides itself on the healthy eating message given both from the Food Technology department and from the academy kitchen. At lunchtime, we offer a broad range of nutritionally-balanced meals all cooked from fresh ingredients by our catering staff.  Special Offer: Buy a minimum of one week’s meals in advance and receive 10% discount. 

Catering menu
Behaviour Code

Good behaviour is, of course, essential to successful teaching and learning. There is a clear and simple code of conduct for students in the 11-16 sector and management of good behaviour is regarded as essential by all staff. New Forest Academy aims to achieve socially acceptable standards of courtesy, respect and discipline based on mutual respect and consideration. A wide range of rewards are designed to promote this and to encourage good work. This is further supported by counselling, personal reviews and target setting.

When things go wrong, there is a fair system of sanctions which teachers employ in order to correct behaviour. Subject teachers might need to use any one of a range of strategies which vary from a verbal warning to issuing a detention in order for students to complete work or to carry out a useful task in the academy. If necessary, the teacher may refer a case to the Head of Learning Area for further action. Tutors are kept informed in order to maintain an overview of the students in their care.

New Forest Academy operates a behaviour ladder which is consistently applied by all staff. This contains rewards as well as sanctions and is operated across the academy.

Acceptable Use Policy for the School network

A copy of the School's behaviour and acceptable use policy for use of the school computers and school email is on display in the ICT suites and in the student organiser. Each time a student wishes to log on to the school network a short version of the AUP is on display.   By clicking OK both student's and staff agree to the following statements:

Students and staff must not access inappropriate material

All passwords are to be kept secure without sharing with another person.

Users' may save non personal information to the network or Google drive.

School G-mail is the only email allowed. 

The following are not permitted: buying products or services, gambling, advertising, posting anonymous messages, forwarding of chain letters, use of instant messaging or chat rooms & playing non-educational online games.

ICT facilities must not be used to bully, offend or insult.

Downloads are only permitted with the permission of a teacher.

Any images of students and staff may not be modified, put on websites, or emailed without permission from a teacher.

Files or work may be transferred to your area though must not be capable of damaging the Network.  

Any medium, including Email, Gdrive may be inspected by the Network team at any time.

Deliberate damage will not be tolerated. Consequences include punishment and charging.